Introducing Nexts

Nexts is two things – A clock for events and an iBeacon.

Re-imagening the Wall Mounted Clock

We wanted to create an app that provides enough value and is so unobtrusive that even using it as an always-on display doesn’t feel wrong. As a side effect this allows Nexts to double as iBeacon based location tag and trigger for other context-aware applications.

See what’s next, at a glance

Analogue clock faces have a very distinct appeal. They allow you to understand time intervals to upcoming events at a single glance. We combine this immediacy with additional information layers carefully balancing attention, distraction and information.

Nexts works best when you run it on a dedicated iPad or iPod touch placed in a shared enviromnment like your kitchen or workspace.

You can see the title of an event by tapping on it but Nexts main mode of operation is intended to be non-interactive. It’s about getting a feeling for your day, not micro-managing events.

Nexts as iBeacon

Since releasing Launch Here we constantly receive one question

Which iBeacon should I get?

We struggle with a good answer. While there are some really great stand-alone iBeacons, we still don’t see them whole-heartedly embracing consumers and “home” use cases. Furthermore there are numerous iBeacon emitter apps, but nothing we would keep running any longer than absolutely necessary. That however makes their use as context marker unfeasible.

Nexts provides you with a simple alternative to get started with iBeacons enabling your to start exploring use cases right away.

You will notice that the kitchen and workspaces are great places to tag. Both offer numerous meaningful use cases for context based activities and app usage.

iBeacon functionality in Nexts can be turned on in the Menu. We are using Open Beacon Credentials for specifying the beacon identity. This enables a one-tap setup process in compatible apps like Launch Here. If you like to use Nexts as a trigger in other apps, you might be interested in its plain-vanilla iBeacon identifiers. No secrects:

UUID AA6062F0-98CA-4211-8EC4-193EB73CEBE6 Major 100 Minor 701

Yes, it’s free ★彡

Nexts is a free app. iBeacon functionality is right there when you open the menu, also the Reminders layer is a free in-app download. The Calendar layer comes as a paid in-app purchase – we’d appreciate your support with this.

Start exploring where Nexts might fit into your life. We’d love to hear from you. Find more information on our app page.

Nexts is now available on the AppStore.

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