• From the labs ... Pinning

    Here’s a drawing from an Apple Engineer dissecting Pinning’s UI in a UI Lab session at the WWDC earlier this year.

    WWDC UI Lab Scribbles

    but actually …

    The next major update of Pinning will focus purely on the data side. We’ll switch from a key-value store model to Core Data. This will lay ground for syncing and organizing notes on multiple boards. Boards! Contexts! Infinity! Don’t expect a release tomorrow, but we are already toying around with some pretty exciting prototypes. Stay around for a first look.

    BTW If you feel like living on the edge, join our beta group and help us testing pre-released versions and apps like this one.

  • Introduction

    Intro Post

    After publishing several apps to the app store and gathering experiences with different platforms and frameworks we realized it is time for the next step. Joining forces, merging our app portfolios and orchestrating our upcoming efforts as a joint move.

    This will help us to split the work in some areas and focus even more on the actual creation of delightful experiences.